any home inspection companies promise a thorough and objective inspection. What makes an Advanced Eco-Tech home inspection different? One word: Technology.
Advanced Eco-Tech Inspections puts advanced infrared home inspection technology and other powerful tools in the hands of highly trainedskilled and qualified home inspectors. Buying a home is an extraordinary investment. So why would you want a merely ordinary inspection? Advanced Eco-Tech goes far beyond the ordinary sight inspection, utilizing cutting-edge technologies including-
Infrared Scanning,
Acoustic (Listening) Sensors and
Sound Recognition Software –
that enable our specialized home inspectors to, in effect, “SEE” and “HEAR” through the walls, ceilings and floors of the property.

Only Advance Eco-Tech Inspections combines a traditional visual home inspection with an advanced infrared home inspection and acoustic termite detection. The result is a better, more accurate, more detailed home inspection that uncovers problems which would go undetected in an “ordinary” sight inspection, including: faulty wiring, the sources of moldhidden leaks and water damage; and more. And our acoustic scan and specialized software can actually HEAR termites inside the property’s walls before outward damage is evident, pinpointing their exact location for better treatment. It’s the most advanced home inspection available anywhere in the world. To take advantage of the latest advances in home inspection technology, termite detection, mold detection or water damage detection,call
Advanced Eco-Tech Inspections   today